Jul 31, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 28

What must I think of this? Honestly… How did this anime come this far with this kind of material? Last week was bad enough when we had to deal with a raging queen for twenty minutes. Sure, it had its moments, but that was that. It was ridiculous to see Ryuuichi return to ‘normal’ overnight, but to see him fat again during this episode was yet another slap in the face. The realism of the Knight in the Area is dropping drastically.

Enoshima spent their day watching yet another one of Leonardo’s matches. They saw how coordinated they were. Things started out badly for them. Maybe that was all an act, maybe they just need a little bit of time to adjust and to find out what kind of players their opponents were. Who knows? That was all short-lived. It was soon over when Leonardo’s team started playing seriously.

Leonardo’s team consists of three key players. First would be Leonardo himself, of course, and two other players; Pat and Ricky. All players are foreign and have been recruited to make a strong team. The one thing that caught my eyes and ears is that those players care more for money than soccer, so that is probably what’s going to be their downfall.

I think the Knight in the Area has come to a point where it leans more towards comedy than anything else. It used to be so dramatic and real. Clearly, that is over now. I’m seriously thinking about dropping this anime, which would be a total shame. It’s been twenty-eight weeks since I first started watching, so it would be a shame to give up now, now that it may not seem as exciting as when the show first started. I must admit that I’m looking forward to see the match between Kakeru and Leonardo, so I might hold out until then, providing it happens within the next few episodes.

The Knight in the Area episode 28 screencaps

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    Every single comedy episode start with a implied sex scene. I don’t underst

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