Aug 21, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 31

Strange episode, really. Everyone is busy with their training camp, including the girls, but I feel as though the progress being made is absolutely minimal. I think it shows in the ratings as well, seeing as the ratings have been dropping since the past five to six weeks. The Knight in the Area used to have an eight. Not anymore.

It’s like I said; I feel as though the progress being made here is absolutely minimal. All the players are still messing about, so the seriousness just isn’t there. I could be wrong though. However, what is the point? Kakeru is still playing around with his little feint, Ryuuichi is still messing about with his weight and the rest of Enoshima just goes with the flow. Basically, those two set an example for others. Ryuuichi is always messing about, so the rest just goes along with it. Kakeru is always worried about the little things, so everyone just gets stressed about the little things. It’s absolutely pointless.

That being said; the one thing that really annoys me is the story. Never ever seems to change. They’re on training camp right now, yet most things are still the same, even that whole Kakeru-Nana-Mai love triangle thing. It just doesn’t end and it just isn’t interesting anymore. I hate to say it, but The Knight in the Area is turning into a big disappointment.

If things don’t change next week then I will have no option but to stop writing about it. My motivation is almost completely gone. It’s almost as though watching this has become a chore, let alone writing about it.

The Knight in the Area episode 31 screencaps

  1. Just stop watching it. I stopped at ep. 19 >.<

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