Jan 7, 2012

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The Knight in the Area

Okay, I just watched the first episode and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be honest, I’m not the type of guys that likes soccer, but I did enjoy watching this. Strange, but I think I’ll follow this anime for the time being.

The artwork is what kept me from clicking away at first. It looks pretty damn good, makes me wonder how many episodes there are, because that’s currently still unknown. I’m guessing twenty-four, but we’ll see.

Yeah, the artwork is good. But once you look past that you’ll find an ever greater story. I love these types of stories, you know, the type of story where one of the characters has “hidden potential” and whatnot. This type of artwork lures you in, but this story is what will get you hooked!

Do I recommend this show? Yeah, seriously, try it! I laughed, I (silently) cheered and I can’t wait what happens next. So it’s definitely worth a shot, especially if you’re into the sports genre.

Plot Summary: Believing himself to be useless at football, Aizawa Kakeru opts to become the manager of his school’s football team, while his brother Suguru is its ace, and is even good enough to represent Japan. However, Kakeru may be harbouring a strong talent within himself that only Suguru can see, and the two often get into arguments over Kakeru’s denial of his skills. Things are made more complicated with the return of Nana, an old playmate of theirs that Kakeru has a crush on. Join the brothers in their journey to the national and even international championships!

  1. Man this anime is going to be awesome

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