Jul 10, 2015

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To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2

To Love-Ru Darkness is back, no surprise there. To Love-Ru exploded in popularity when it first aired because of the incredibly amount of perverted comedy. Anime fans all over the globe became hooked as soon as they saw the first episode, myself included.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2You’ll never hear me speak badly of the artwork. The artwork has always been one of the series’ strong points. The characters look great, their outfits always look great, their toys look great and the level of detail is definitely something you can be proud of.

Let’s face it; get a few girls, doesn’t matter from what country of planet, and have them fight over a single boy. A perverted harem story unfolds instantly.

I recommend this to everyone that has seen the previous season, at least. This isn’t just about fan service at all. You’ll laugh and cheer from start to finish.

Plot Summary: The Yūkis’ residence is now full of people: in addition to Rito and Mikan Yūki, Lala, her twin sisters Nana and Momo, and Golden Darkness. Momo, who also falls for Rito, actively tries to create a harem for him. Meanwhile, a mysterious red hair girl named Mea Kurosaki enters Sainan High School with a hidden agenda.

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