Jun 17, 2013

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S episode 10

Oh boy… I’m not sure I liked this episode. If I did then it would be because of all the wrong reasons. Oh well, I’m not going to mind the little things, but at least things are finally heating up. It won’t be long now before a war between espers breaks out!

[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_10_[720p][5011AD87].mkv_snapshot_10.26_[2013.06.16_22.59.57]So Mikoto hung in there… Wow! I have been going on about her inability to take on all of those espers by herself. I thought that she simply wasn’t strong enough, especially have wasting most of her energy on Frenda, a little girl that uses tape to blow up doll-bombs. It’s nice to know that the Japanese don’t like to waste anything, especially little details, because Mikoto came up with the idea to use Frenda’s leftover bombs to take on Shizuri, the fourth strongest esper in the city, in order to balance out her disadvantage. Stupid me, I almost forgot that Mikoto’s mind is almost as powerful as the electricity she manipulates.

[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_10_[720p][5011AD87].mkv_snapshot_14.57_[2013.06.16_23.00.19]So yeah, Mikoto decided to use Frenda’s bombs to attack Shizuri. Shizuri has the ability to retain “pure” form of electrons, manipulating them into a beam that pretty much melts anything in its path. The problem with her power is that she can only fire so many beams at once, which is why Mikoto used all of those bombs at once, not knowing that Shizuri had methods to bypass her weakness.

Anyway, Mikoto made it out alive. She learned about her mistakes, knows what her enemies are capable of and, if I’m right, will now ask her friends for help. Things should get a lot better now anyway, now that Touma, a guy with the ability to negate all magic, psychic and divine powers, has finally shown up. Next week’s episode really looks promising!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S episode 10 screencaps

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