Oct 24, 2012

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 04

I’m starting to get nervous here. The fast pace was one of the things I really liked about Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. The fast pace, which seems to be a thing of the past now, was what gave this show such a high rating. The episodes so far have all been great, no doubt about that, but the pace is slowing down. I’m afraid that, if this continues, the story will suffer because of it.

We all remember how Haru spent the night at Shizuku’s place. He asked and he got. Even I was amazed by how casual he was, even around her father. A guy doesn’t feel that comfortable around his father-in-law, especially not during the first meeting. The pace started slowing down after that, unfortunately.

Now, Haru spent the night and ended up behaving himself. He did not sneak inside of Shizuku’s pants room, he did not start a fight and he wasn’t as rude as one would expect him to be. I know I should be happy and all, but I’m not. I’m rather disappointed. Haru’s scared of what might happen to their relationship, but he likes her nonetheless. Just confess already. Just grab her and plant your lips on hers. For god’s sake, do something!

Shizuku didn’t like him at first and only recently found out that she liked him. Hell, she still doesn’t know why. So much has happened since then, only to have Haru turn her down because he’s afraid of what might happen? I wasn’t really happy with that part. He knows he likes her, he knows that’s she’s a great girl and he knows that she likes him too. Fear for the unknown is the only thing stopping him right now.

I’ll end it here for now. The past four episodes have been marvellous and my opinion of this show hasn’t changed one bit. I would only like to see them pick up the pace, that’s all. The rest is still as good as ever.

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