Oct 31, 2012

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 05

Woooh! Another great episode! Things are starting to make a lot of sense right about now. I have always wondered how Haru became so anti-social. That guy has been one big mystery since this show started. I’m glad that things are finally becoming clearer.

We all know that Haru has difficulties making friends. We all know that he doesn’t know how to deal with complicated situations. He does things based upon the information he obtained in books. But now… Now we learn that he only read those books because he father didn’t leave him much of a choice. He was being controlled by his father until he was disowned and sent away to live with relatives.

Basically, Haru has got father issues. It is only natural for a teenager to retaliate when a parent keeps pressuring the aforementioned teenager. It’s such a cliché; a parent that lives in the past and raises his/her offspring in such an old, freedom-restricting way.

But enough about his father… Let us focus on his older brother, Yuuzan. He’s your typical schemer. He plans things out in a way that will benefit him. Haru coming home now doesn’t benefit him, which is why he showed up to make sure he doesn’t. He even used Shizuku to draw him out. Yuuzan is definitely not your average older brother type. In fact, he’s not your average teenager.

You could say that this episode was one big drama. Shizuku getting to know a bit more about Haru was the only good thing that happened during this episode. Things won’t get much easier for her either, especially since a new girl just joined the big picture. Poor Shizuku…

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 05 screencaps

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