Nov 7, 2012

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 06

What the hell? What happened to all the progress? Both Haru and Shiziku are like traffic lights. They keep changing their minds about one another. That’s not even the strangest part. The strangest part is that they actually made some progress during this episode.

This episode primarily revolved around Chizuru. It’s a nice-looking character with a kind personality. But… Where the hell does she fit in? I doubt that it’s going to be a regular love triangle between her and Shizuku. I mean, Haru, even though it’s a bit too late right now, realized that he had romantic feelings towards Shizuku.

It’s too late. Shizuku realized that studying was a bit more important than her one-sided crush. She tried to avoid looking at him and focussed on studying, even during their so-called date. It’s during that date that he realized his feelings for her.

The next episode will probably get even more complicated. Shizuku is trying hard not to fall to Haru’s charms (yes, the guy actually seems to have some kind of charm) while Haru is trying to think about what he really wants. It’s a lot simpler with Chizuru. She knows what she wants and why.

I’ll leave things here for now. There’s nothing more to talk about. The only thing I would change is Yuuzan. The guy did what he came her for, he told Haru to disobey his father and to stay in school. There’s no reason for him to stay, and yet… Oh well…

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