Nov 28, 2012

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 09

Now this is how it’s done, Code:Breaker. This is how you make a good, yet fairly predictable twist. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the next episode. It’s a good thing that the manga hasn’t been fully translated yet, otherwise I would’ve read a few chapters. I just have to know what will happen next…

Let’s start this off with Shizuku’s home situation. Her father’s store has gone belly-up, so he’s pretty much jobless now. It’s times like these that both of them rely on Shizuku’s mother, a career woman. The woman works her ass off while the man keeps messing things up… That just doesn’t seem right. Do they live in a reversed world or something?

Anyway, Shizuku took control, as is to be expected of her, and set things straight with her mother while she prepared to help out her father with his store. Its times like these that make Shizuku seem a bit too mature for her age, if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind if she became a bit more girly. You know the sort of thing, a few frills here and there, a bit of make-up and perhaps a nice-looking dress. I bet Haru would be speechless.

But the spotlight this week goes to Kenji, a rich kid with good grades that used to bully Haru by constantly taking his money, even though he’s actually rich. It’s kind of pathetic when you think about it. Why would a rich kid want to steal a few pennies from some naïve fool? He probably has issues at home.

Still, he definitely stole the spotlight this week. It seems that he, just like Haru, has fallen to Shizuku’s mysterious charms. Perhaps I shouldn’t say mysterious? I would kill to get a girl like Shizuku (a real girl, not one of those creepy life-size pillows with Shizuku printed on it), so I can definitely relate to that. Right now I just want to find out how Haru is going to deal with this. I don’t think he’ll resort to violence right away, but I don’t think he’ll just ignore it. I can’t wait…!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 09

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