Dec 24, 2011

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Toradora! OVA 01

Okay, one more. This OVA was a long time coming, I for one have been waiting a long time now. A person would want to see something amazing, you know… Especially when you are being made to wait for this episode for this long.

Ahh~ I totally felt nostalgic when watching this. I saw so many old, yet familiar characters. The, ehmm… The ‘subject’ of this OVA was really unexpected. It was all about food, or more specifically; about amazing lunch boxes and how to make them.

It was a little bit of a letdown. I really wanted to see more of the relationship between Ryuuji and Taiga. But still, the comedy made up for that. It was hard not to laugh, so that’s always a good sign. Still, I don’t think I would count this OVA as must-see worthy though, despite the high level comedy.

Ryuuji was pissed of a lot during this OVA. He was enraged because he thought his cooking skills were lacking. This all came to light when Yuusaku brought lunchboxes to school that his grandmother made him. Ryuuji was impressed by those lunchboxes, so much that he himself started to doubt his own abilities.

That’s right, I’m not joking around. That really was the topic for this OVA. Ryuuji spent many hours behind the stove, hoping to perfect his lunchboxes. God only knows how much had been wasted thanks to his experiments. It had gotten to the point where he actually continued during school time. It was ridiculous when he ended up bringing his rice cooker too school.

The guy still wouldn’t give up, not even after he made such a big fuss in front of his classmates. Teenage boys shouldn’t think about food, you’ll end up bald and unloved. Teenage boys should be chasing tail, trying to buy liquor whilst being underage, that sort of stuff…

Like I said, the episode was definitely funny. But I wouldn’t go about telling people that they would have to see it. It doesn’t actually contribute anything. Still, I laughed my ass off, so I have no regrets!  I, at this point, only hope that they will air content that focuses on their relationship.

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