Nov 6, 2014

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Trinity Seven episode 05

Another interesting (and satisfying) way to start off an episode. Trinity Seven is quite good at those. It is also one of the many usable examples of why Japanese people should use as little English as possible in anime. That “come on” was pretty much the only reason why I laughed at that scene.

[HorribleSubs] Trinity Seven - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.59_[2014.11.05_23.19.56]So the harem is getting to its climax, huh? Six of the seven girls have already been assembled and are now fighting over Arata. The amount of fan service in this episode was enough to make you feel quite queasy, but I got past that and saw how loli’s and busty mages in bloomers were going nuts during P.E. in order to catch that guy’s attention. It just goes to show that the female sex is interesting in guys with either power or money or both, seeing as money and power are pretty much the same thing. They would all lose interest if he were to lose that grim moiré of his.

[HorribleSubs] Trinity Seven - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.10_[2014.11.05_23.20.27]It came as no surprise to me that they finally introduced the seventh and final member of the so-called Trinity seven. Neither was it a surprise that Selina and the seventh member were connected somehow. They focussed so much on Selina that there had to be something to it. Why else bring in a character like that in pretty much every episode?

I must say that I find Lieselotte, the seventh member of the Trinity Seven, quite interesting. She is daring, bold and powerful, seeing as she, too, is one of those demon lord candidates by stumbling upon some kind of ancient magic. This puts a nice spin on the story instead of continuing that pointless harem that Arata has got going right now.

Trinity Seven episode 05 screencaps

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