Oct 28, 2011

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UN-GO episode 03

Nuts. Obtaining this week’s episode proved to be quite the challenge. First I downloaded a version that didn’t have any subs for the first seven minutes, and then I downloaded one where the audio was completely out of synch. Only on the third attempt did I get a proper copy of this week’s episode. I just hope that this was a onetime thing, I don’t want to have fish out the correct episode every week.

It’s very strange, but I’m really starting to like Inga. He’s hilarious in his boyish form. I think it’s that cap and those paws that really compliment the character’s personality. I thought the Japanese only had a thing with cats and dogs when it comes to anime, perhaps it’s spreading to panda’s now too?

This week’s episode was very exciting. I like how they made the entire family look like suspects, which made it very difficult to guess the correct outcome on your own. The detective genre is very fragile, you have to be really careful with the stories. If the stories are so simple that the viewers can figure it out in no-time before the episode is over, then you risk losing a lot of viewers. I’m very happy to say that UN-GO is doing very well on that front; I was not able to figure out the correct ending on my own this week, kudos!

Is it wrong of me to be interested in seeing a relationship sprout between Inga and Shinjuurou? I know that Inga is a boy most of the time, but that doesn’t change the fact that Inga changes into a real woman, body and soul, from time to time.

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