Nov 3, 2011

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UN-GO episode 04

Let the crime solving continue! I knew they couldn’t continue by creating a new story each and every episode! That’s just too much, plus you’d end up with eleven short stories with no actual storyline. I’m still standing firm behind my opinion of detective genres; if one story doesn’t work out, then just solve it or kill the suspect and start with something else. It’s a risky genre, but it comes with some pretty good benefits.

This episode continues the last episode’s story. I was shocked to find out when I learned that the house was still alive. Not only was he still alive, he was controlling everything from behind the scenes. He decided to go into hiding when the government planned on using his inventions for military purposes, which, in my opinion, is actually a pretty valid reason. He faked his death to accomplish all that, but these seven years did a pretty big number on him. He didn’t have any companions, he only had his inventions. He appears to have lost sight of what’s right and wrong, he just does as he pleases. He thinks that he can do anything to and with his toys because he invented them. Crazy bastard, if I invented an I.A. that was capable of anything, then I would’ve gotten a visit by world leaders, trying to take away my A.I. by force as well. That’s how the world works at the moment, money is power and power is everything.

I also noticed that Inga has been transforming a lot more recently. Has the excitement been too much? Or can Inga just transform at will? What I also noticed is that Rie, who accepted Shinjuurou’s request in order for his cooperation on this case, seemed mad when he reminded her of it. That was pretty weird, especially for such a little favor.

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