Dec 9, 2011

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UN-GO episode 09

Alright. It’s time for yet another mystery. Ever noticed how I’m doing UN-GO last now? I noticed only yesterday, I guess I just prefer Guilty Crown and Maken-Ki! over UN-GO. It must’ve been because of the last two episodes, they set my enthusiasm back quite a bit.

It turned out to be one hell of an episode, despite my decreasing enthusiasm. Bettenou is still at large, even though she has been separated from that novelist, whose ass got handed to him thanks to Inga. She appears to have found yet another person for whom she can use her special abilities. It took quite a while for Shinjuurou to find out who that person was, but all evidence leads to none other than Rinroku, Rie’s father.

Shinjuurou was kind of appalled to find out about it. He never thought that Rinroku would fall so low, as to force people to believe each and every one of his words, of course thanks to Bettenou’s powers. Rinroku even used a body double during his so-called live broadcast, when suddenly a bomb exploded in the studio. That cannot be a mere coincidence, especially since the real Rinroku is nowhere to be found, and neither is Bettenou.

What worries me most here is Inga’s reaction to Bettenou. I’m not sure what kind of relationship those two have, but Inga seemed very troubled by it. They revealed several scenes from the past with between Inga and Bettenou, but I didn’t get any wiser of it. Either way; Inga does not like Bettenou, she just wants to keep her distance.

I understand that Bettenou isn’t human, that she’s a deity of some sort. But still, even she can be killed, and I’m pretty sure that Inga knows how. Mind you; I’m pretty sure that Shinjuurou isn’t going to kill anyone, he’s a detective that follows his own sense of justice, he wouldn’t kill her because of those very reasons, probably.

We are going to find out anyway, especially now that Shinjuurou found Bettenou’s location. I took close notice of Inga’s reaction to that news, she did not seem pleased. Still, even Inga must know by now that it’s only a matter of time before she encounters Bettenou again.

Shinjuurou set a lot things in motion to draw out Rinroku, but mainly to draw out the truth. He will find out what happened, and most importantly; why. I might just watch UN-GO first next week.

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