Dec 16, 2011

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UN-GO episode 10

God, I’m in such a happy mood. I worked freakishly hard this morning and finished all my projects so that I would have time to game a little bit and watch UN-GO. I played RAGE on Ultra on my new laptop and it was great, I did several levels in a row after I lost track. I know the screen is a little bit small for serious gaming, but hell, the graphics kick so much ass.

This week’s episode of UN-GO c continues with the mystery of last week’s terrorist attack. Shinjuurou is still looking for Rinroku, who’s still nowhere to be found. It was very confusing. The case came up in court and we saw Rinroku, or someone who looks like him, in a hospital bed trying to defend himself via a webcam. I said it before; a good mystery is always nice to see, but it’s bad when a mystery gets predictable or too confusing.

Shinjuurou took control in the courtroom and stated his case. He forced Rie-chan, who has always been honest to him, to confess what she saw that day. She saw her father at home when the explosion went off. That means that the Rinroku we saw at the TV Station, as well as in the hospital, was just a body double.

This is getting so confusing. My girl absolutely loves Mysteries, but she gave up on this one after the 9th episode. Suddenly Inga, probably under the control of Bettenou, walked into the room in her female form. She decided to ask Izumi a question, and we all know that nobody can lie to a question asked by Inga in that form. Something very interesting came out all of this; it seems that Rinroku was the creator and/or key holder of some very special software.

Things got so much more complicated. First Inga leaves Shinjuurou, probably because of Bettenou’s influence. And secondly the car exploded that Rinroku took at the hospital in order to get home. Things are getting so unnecessarily complicated that it’s getting impossible to follow the story properly.

Shinjuurou knew something was wrong. He started to look for missing pieces of this overly annoying puzzle. He found a link between Rie, Inga and Miné with the use of his handkerchief. They decided to continue the search by starting to find the tune that Rinroku hummed before his untimely demise. This all led them to that Novelist, who supposedly knew a lot about Bettenou.

They learned a great deal about Bettenou and her powers. There’s a chance that Rinroku isn’t dead after all. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a little bit relieved that next week’s the final episode of UN-GO. It’s a fun show to watch, but damn, it is annoyingly complicated.

  1. Oppai-Sensei says:

    its too confusing right now

    what i understood from it is that the old man isnt dead yet. it was a trick played on people with the use of bettenou’s powers. people believe he was dead because someone said that his dna was found under the power of bettenou.

    shinjuurou probably knows this by now and is going to investigate in the next ep. i wonder how theyre going to end this.

    p.s. im waiting for episode 0 cause i wanna know how he and inga first met 😛

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