Dec 23, 2011

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UN-GO episode 11

Alright, one more and I’m done. I know that I’m free tomorrow, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to stay up all night. I just wanted to finish this episode. The mystery that has been building up has finally got to me, so I’m just getting on with it!

This is UN-GO’s final episode, so it should solve many mysteries. The episode starts out with Inga, it seems that he/she has lost all control. Bettenou is now, no matter how you look at it, in full control. This is probably why Inga was so skeptical about dealing with Bettenou.

I was in the dark about this mystery, but I’m starting to get glimpses. That woman, Kuramitsu, has been involved since the beginning. But anyway, it seems that I was right, Rinroku isn’t dead. Bettenou used her powers to make the power believe he’s dead.  Shinjuurou worked most of it out, thanks to the surveillance camera footage.

Shinjuurou really is a smart bastard. He made use of Kuramitsu’s ignorance, turning her own stories against her. He had already stated that Mizuno, head of security, was most likely to be the culprit, but that he probably wasn’t working alone. But he caught up, he got into her mind by using the fact that she and Mizuno used to be old friend, and that she deliberately kept quiet about it.

Boy did I laugh, because Kuramitsu quickly stood up and went into the defense, shouting that he has no proof. But Shinjuurou was prepared for that, he took out the handkerchief he gave her, the same handkerchief she then gave to Mizuno. That led to the fact that she was at the same place where Bettenou took control of Inga.

Rinroku suddenly enters the room as everyone looks speechless. He tried to use Inga and her powers agaist him, saying that Shinjuurou was going to pay dearly for using her. I quickly saw through it all, I knew that Rinroku wasn’t really there. I doubt that he would call Inga a monster, let alone accuse Shinjuurou of illegalities, especially after all the favors he asked of him.

Shinjuurou tore through all of the lies, through all of that deceit. He knew that the real Rinroku was amongst them, he used that to bring out the truth, revealing Bettenou for everyone to see. Bettenou has to be close in order for her powers to work, as her words need to be heard in order for people to fall under her spell.

What happened next was absolutely awesome. Inga’s fear for Bettenou suddenly disappeared when Shinjuurou revealed the truth. She immediately attacked head-on, wanting to eat Bettenou’s soul. I finally got to see Inga’s true form. It was very cool to see how Inga devoured Bettenou without as much as a shred of mercy.

Also, I never knew that Rinroku’s dream was so noble. Or is it? Shinjuurou was pretty sure that he was hiding something, but I guess we’ll never find out.

UN-GO was an amusing, all be it confusing show. I definitely do not regret watching it, in fact; I’m currently waiting for episode zero. I, of course, shall be writing about that episode too.

  1. I’m confused here, and the mystery isn’t even that mysterious.

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