Aug 11, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 06

Seriously, I can’t get over it. This anime is so good, I can’t help but wait all week just for for a new episode of Usagi Drop.

 So this episode started off with Rin’s elementary school entrance ceremony, taking photo’s of one another, you know the drill.

So after the opening you see them in a store, shopping for groceries. After that you’ll find them walking home, but then Daikichi tells Rin a story about his childhood. Or more specifically; about how his grandfather planted a seed the day he was born, a fragrant olive tree. He told Rin how he grew up with this tree, how he loved it. This is basically where it all started.

Rin wanted a tree of her own, just like Daikichi, so she decided for a loquat tree to be planted in the backyard. the impatient Rin started asking all sorts of questions, like “when will it grow?”, “will it grow tomorrow?” or “when can I started eating loquat’s?” after which Daikichi had to explain that it takes years for a tree to grow.

This made yet another ball roll. Daikichi contacted Rin’s real mother, to ask if Rin’s father planted a tree for her aswell. In the café, where they decided to meet, Daikichi learned that his grandfather did infact plant a tree for Rin. After obtaining the tree’s exact location, Daikichi and Rin set out for grandpa’s house to retrieve Rin’s tree.

Finally at grandpa’s house, after meeting up with Daikichi’s mother, it turns out that it was a fragrant olive tree aswell, that had been planted for Rin. It turned out to be a family tradition of sorts, to plant a tree for one’s child.

Finally the tree was retrieved, after which Daikichi and Rin headed back home to plant it in their backyard.

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