Sep 9, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 10

Man, my summer’s favorite anime is definitely Usagi Drop. Too bad this episode wasn’t all too positive, but progress was made nonetheless.

It starts out at Rin’s school, where it seems to be parent-teacher day. Daikichi is looking at all the pictures and is amazed at Rin’s drawing. He realized that it’s a talent she got from her mother, who is a manga artist. Daikichi met some new male parents and befriended almost instantly. After that all the children left for gym glass, leaving Daikichi semi-alone with Yukari. They soon left after they overheard some women gossiping about illnesses and whatnot.

School is once again over and they start their walk home until Yukari realized that Rin-chan’s face was flushed. It turns out that she’s come down with a nasty case of the flu. Daikichi got some medicine from the doctor and left immediately to go home with Rin.

The entire episode Rin was sick in bed. Her fever just wouldn’t go down, she wouldn’t eat anything, she wouldn’t drink anything and she wouldn’t take her medicine. Daikichi was worried sick and didn’t know what to do, he even called his mother for advice. But Yukari soon came to his aid. She taught Daikichi how to handle situations like these. Rin-chan soon started to show signs of improvement; she would slowly start to eat and drink again the next day.

Rin soon recovered and Daikichi was relieved. He wouldn’t even let go of her. I think it’s about time that Daikichi starts working on a relationship with Yukari. They make a great couple and they somehow complete one another, plus Daikichi really gets along well with Kouki.

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