Sep 15, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 11

This is truly a sad day. This is supposedly the last episode of Usagi Drop. The worst thing is, I can’t find anything about a possible second season, even though the manga is doing so well. All we can do is hope for it.

Rin, who recovered from her cold, is visibly growing up. She’s losing her baby teeth, she’s a lot taller and she opens up a lot more to people. Unfortunately Kouki’s mother, Yukari, caught Rin’s cold and has to say sick at home at first. So Rin, Daikichi and Kouki go to the supermarket to buy Yukari something to eat and drink.

Life goes on and Yukari recovers. But the four have reached a point in their life where they start making more friends. So the parents, whom we’ve seen a few episodes back, join the play date along with their children. Apparently the children have some sort of upcoming rope-jumping contest at school, so they practice it endlessly on the playground.

That night when preparing for bed, Daikichi finds out that he has gained weight, so from thereon out he joins the kids in their jump-rope training. In the end Rin ended up winning first prize for the most backswings, you go girl!

The end is drawing near and Daikichi and Rin decided to visit grandma and grandpa for a nice family meal. Everyone was surprised at how much Rin has grown, physically as well as mentally. Daikichi’s sister, who’s soon to be married, pointed out that she has become a lot more talkative, which is a good thing.

So in the end they decided to show some scenes from earlier episodes. It was very touching to see how Rin grew up during these past 11 weeks, lol. But I am really bummed out, this anime has loads of potential. They could easily make another 11 episodes, and I’m positive that people would love each and every one of them. So if this really is the final episode, then I thank all of the people involved for giving the world this great anime.

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