Jan 14, 2013

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Vividred Operation

Oh, this’ll be a difficult one to review. I’m having doubts about it. The first episode was pretty good, but that could prove to be a foolish opinion after I’ve seen the next episode. I, of course, have a valid reason for saying this.

Vividred OperationThe artwork looked pretty good. The characters look good, their sci-fi technology looks very interesting and the effects look good, too. There’s one thing that bothers me; will the female characters get all girly? Will they get girly outfits with cute names and such? I really couldn’t enjoy myself when watching that kind of thing. I just hope I’m wrong.

The story, too, is interesting. I like the sci-fi setting, although I’m not sure about an old man swapping bodies with a stuffed ferret. There’s a limit to how ridiculous things can get.

All in all a good watch, so far. I bet sci-fi fans will eat their hearts out, and why not? The first episode was very amusing, so I suggest that you give it a shot, too!

Plot Summary: Here in a world where science has solved all questions. This story is set in Oshima. The happy, carefree 14 year old Akane Isshiki lived a poor, but well loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirou, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world’s energy problems.

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