Jul 9, 2015

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This has honestly got to be one of the worst kinds of anime shorts there is. Nobody cares if it’s only three minutes. It’s so bad that I even regret watching the first episode. Three minutes of my life wasted…

Wakako-zakeThe artwork is just bad. It looks like it was made by a group of high school students. The eyes just look freaky and the level of detail is so low that I cannot believe that something like this is being aired.

There is no story whatsoever. I don’t care what this main characters likes to eat. I don’t care what she does at work or what she wants in a man. Who the hell cares? It’s pointless and uninteresting.

I honestly cannot recommend this. I cannot believe this is being aired, but I find it even harder to believe that there are people out there that are willing to sub something as bad as this. My god…

Plot Summary: 26-year old Wakako drinks different kinds of sake at bars alone every night, searching for her place to belong.

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