Jan 3, 2012

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What happened recently

What happened recently

Alright, let’s get straight to the point.

I finally found a new host in November that ensured me maximum uptime. The owner of this company turned out to be a fraud. The site was offline for almost a week, they refused to give me a backup of my old database and, if it wasn’t bad enough, they refused to compensate me despite all the money I lost.

I only have a database of November, which that means that all the posts made in December are gone. I’m trying very hard to get another, more recent backup of the database, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you.

I did report this company to the police, so it’s going to be a matter of time before these frauds are dealt with.

I ensure you all that this will never happen again! Never! From now on I’ll store backups every day onto my USB Drive. Everything will be saved; the website, the database and all the e-mails.

And finally, as you can see the blue theme is back online. All that jolly red is gone because the holidays are pretty much over. I hope you all had great and healthy holidays!

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