Apr 7, 2013

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White Album 2 anime green-lit

White Album 2 anime green-lit

The May issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Newtype magazine is announcing on Wednesday that a television anime adaptation of the White Album 2 visual novels from AQUAPLUS has been green-lit.

Fumiaki Maruto, the scenario writer for the original games, is supervising and writing the series scripts for the White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukōgawa (White Album 2: The Other Side of Happiness) anime. Similarly, composer Naoya Shimokawa (To Heart, White Album, Tears to Tiara) is returning from the games to serve as the music producer for the anime. Anime studio Satelight (Macross Frontier, AKB0048, Bodacious Space Pirates) is producing the project.

Leaf, the adult game brand of AQUAPLUS, first released White Album 2 as two visual novel chapters for personal computers. The story centers around a college junior named Haruki Kitahara (played by Takahiro Mizushima) and his relationships with Setsuna Ogiso (Madoka Yonezawa) and Kazuki Touma (Hitomi Nabatame) in the light music club. The three main voice cast members from the game are reprising their roles in the anime.

The domain name whitealbum2.jp was registered under the name of AQUAPLUS on March 14.

Leaf released the first part of White Album 2, White Album 2 -introductory chapter-, in 2010, followed by the second part, White Album 2 -closing chapter-, in 2011. AQUAPLUS then released a combined PlayStation 3 version of the two parts in 2012 under the name White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukōgawa (the same name as the upcoming anime). The anime is specifically adapting the PlayStation 3 version.

Below is the opening video and full promotional movie from the AQUAPLUS PlayStation 3 port with Rena Uehara’s “Todokanai Koi,” “Answer” and “Shiawase na Kioku” songs.

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