Oct 8, 2013

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White Album 2

I never would’ve expected another White Album series after I read about how poorly White Album sold. I remember White Album quite clearly because it aired during the same time as the second Hajime no Ippo season (if I’m not mistaken). A lot of people didn’t like this one.

White Album 2So, is this one better? I don’t know. It probably is. White Album didn’t really meet my expectations, yet this one seems to do just fine. I think the artwork is quite a bit better, although I have no idea why they showed us that concert scene right away.

The story? Meh… It’s okay, I guess. I have no real hopes for it. Maybe it’ll amuse me, maybe it won’t. It’s too soon to say.

Do I recommend this? Maybe. Romance fans might enjoy it. I still advise you to give White Album a try before you start White Album 2. Not that it matters though…

Plot Summary: Fall, when graduation is only half a year away.

Haruki Kitahara, the final member of the light music club that dissolved, plays his guitar by the window after school in preparation for the school festival. It was the one and only adventure of a good student who spent two diligent years on his studies.

But when a flowing piano melody and a voice as a clear as bell harmonize with his guitar… He goes from being alone, to being two, then three in the light music club, as the semester he dreamed of, no, hoped for, began.

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