Jan 16, 2014

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Witch Craft Works episode 02

Here I go again, always picking one of the underdog shows to write about. I can’t believe that Witch Craft Works is so underrated when it’s incredibly amusing? I can’t even look away even if wanted to. Unfortunately, I must keep this post a short as possible.

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 02 [720p][9A91BBFA].mkv_snapshot_04.52_[2014.01.15_22.24.34]It came as no surprise that those witches decided to come after Honoka. However, I never would’ve thought that Ayaka-chan would’ve taken the initiative by ambushing them first. It’s quite promising that she can take care of all those witches by herself. I’m not sure if that’s just Ayaka or if all crafting witches are stronger than those tower witches. I sure want to know more about that.

Anyway, I guess Honoka got tired of being the helpless victim, because he actually asked Ayaka for help by teaching him magic. It would be rather nice if the guy knew how to defend himself instead of having to rely on his female classmate (or her mother, the school principal). I’m just curious about how this whole relationship of theirs is going to unfold. Not to mention what kind of magic he’s about to learn…

Witch Craft Works episode 02

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