Feb 21, 2014

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Witch Craft Works episode 07

It’s still rising! The average user rating for Witch Craft Works is still on the rise on pretty much every single anime website. I can vividly remember how Witch Craft Works couldn’t even get a seven. It climbed its way up to a solid 7.5 average during these past few weeks. I knew people would come around!

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 07 [720p][89A9FCF1].mkv_snapshot_05.32_[2014.02.20_22.50.37]The story is just too unpredictable. I absolutely love that. How was I supposed to know that Ayaka would take in Medusa and the rest of her “family”? They have been after Honoka since the beginning. I can even remember Ayaka’s attempt to kill them during the second or third episode. Did I see this coming after all that? Of course not.

Forget about them all living together in the Takamiya residence for a couple of days. How about Ayaka’s decision to partner up with Medusa in order to fight against her mother? Where did that even come from? I’m just going to ignore the fact that Ayaka was quite easily defeated by her mother and move on to something else for now.

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 07 [720p][89A9FCF1].mkv_snapshot_11.48_[2014.02.20_22.51.14]I am starting to pick up a few patterns here. Ayaka needs a strong bond with Honoka in order to become strong herself. A booty call every now and then should solve that problem, but that’s not going to happen. I’m kind of imagining Ayaka and Evermilion partnering up like Ayaka did with Medusa this week. Something has gotten Ayaka al riled up and I want to know what that is, dammit!

It may still be too early to say this, but I honestly wouldn’t mind watching another season of this if the remaining episodes are as good as the past seven. Watching Witch Craft Works has been an absolute delight. Right now I’m just watching anxiously for Evermilion’s next appearance. Honoka, get into trouble already and summon her!

Witch Craft Works episode 07 screencaps

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