Mar 20, 2014

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Witch Craft Works episode 11

I give up. Things just won’t go my way and arguably the most interesting character on the show probably won’t show up anymore. As much as I’ve enjoyed Witch Craft Works, one of the underrated shows of this season, I still think that’s highly disappointing. I loved the sight and sound of Vermilion-chan!

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 11 [720p][DA04B316].mkv_snapshot_08.22_[2014.03.19_21.57.03]I’m always up for a small history lesson if it involves Honoka and/or Ayaka. I can’t get enough of those two. They’re both very interesting and I think Ayaka is the best of all. It’s cute that Ayaka was very strong-willed as a child. She knew what she wanted, when she wanted it and had no problems making that clear to whomever she wanted.

I also want to dedicate a small piece of my post to Medusa. We all know her as that insane, power-hungry witch with a lot of reptile friends to help her out. I must say that her human form looks quite interesting and cute. Drop the snake and that cursed eye patch and you’ve got a genuine beauty on your hands. It’s too bad her eyes are sealed.

[Watakushi-Nameless] Witch Craft Works - 11 [720p][DA04B316].mkv_snapshot_13.39_[2014.03.19_21.57.18]Anyway, we won’t be seeing Vermilion-chan. I very much doubt that at this point. I kind of already expected it, too. I knew that her powers were channelled through Honoka to Ayaka, which explains her sudden power boosts, new (white) appearance and why she has to be close to Honoka to become so strong. She is basically using Honoka, a.k.a. Vermilion’s medium, to obtain and use some of Vermilion’s power. Which begs me to ask the following question: does she really like Honoka or does she like the power of Vermilion, arguably the strongest of all witches, that lies within him? I would very much like to find out before the show ends.

Witch Craft Works episode 11 screencaps

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