Nov 5, 2012

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Witchcraft Works anime green-lit

Witchcraft Works anime green-lit

The 25th issue of Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine is announcing on Wednesday that an anime adaptation of Ryū Mizunagi’s Witchcraft Works manga has been green-lit.

The story centers around Honoka Takamiya, a boy whose classmate Ayaka Kagari is talented in sports, excels in classes, and is attractive on top of everything. She also happens to be most powerful witch on earth. Her purpose in life is to protect Takamiya at all costs.

Mizunagi launched the manga last year, and Kodansha is publishing the fourth compiled book volume on Wednesday. The 25th good! Afternoon issue is also when the magazine switches from a bimonthly schedule to a monthly one.

  1. Jack Bushell says:

    Please include your name in each review article. Work on your grammar skills as this was a little hard to read. You have a potentially excellent site here.

  2. There’s a wonderful thing about people who take constructive criticism to heart and, instead of whining about it, they take the time to look over what they’ve done, make it better, and become better in all they do. Now, the post looks stellar.

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