Jan 18, 2014

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Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Wunderbar! This completely exceeded my expectations. I even ended up using a German word to describe it. I could definitely see myself watching this for twelve or thirteen weeks. Just as long as it stays consistent…

Wizard Barristers Benmashi CecilI must admit that it’s really the artwork that exceeded my expectations. The artwork is amazing. They’ve outdone themselves on character design, the backgrounds look great and the action was really fluid. It truly is a visual masterpiece.

Can I watch a show about a female attorney in a world of magic that has a perverted, talking frog as a familiar? Well, I certainly do believe that I can. I saw the PV and got a completely different idea… Thank god I was wrong!

I do recommend this. It’s funny, packed with action and the artwork is great. It’s grossly underrated and I’m sure that there are many nerds out there that are sad because there aren’t any magical loli’s from what I’ve seen. I don’t care. I liked what I saw and I will definitely be watching the rest.

Plot Summary: In 2018, humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. Police continue to protect order in society, but wizards are tried according to magical law, in special courts defended by wizard barristers. At age seventeen, Cecile has just become the youngest wizard barrister, and begins work at the Butterfly Law Offices. While she hasn’t realized it yet, she has tremendous magical potential.

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