Jan 10, 2014

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi Kakusei-hen

I am going to keep this one rather short because there’s not much I want to say about the second season of Wooser’s hand-to-mouth life. I still think the title is absolutely ridiculous and it still makes me want to cry a little.

Wooser no Sono Higurashi Kakusei-henThe artwork isn’t bad for an anime short. It actually contains some ecchi scenes every now and then. It almost makes it bearable to watch because it makes me forget that this crap is probably meant for children.

I do not recommend this. It’s boring and uninteresting. It has no story, which is why I skipped that part. It’s a waste of time and the only thing that’s worth seeing here are the ecchi-like scenes. No more needs to be said.

Plot Summary: Wooser is a yellow creature who at first glance looks sweet but actually hides a wicked heart. He’s awakened one year after a tragedy that claimed many victims. Confused from the timeslip, he sees a general who looks just like him. Wooser resolves to assassinate and replace the general, and remake history to his own liking.

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