Sep 22, 2015

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Working!!! episode 12

I’m pretty sure I can say this on behalf of anime fans everywhere when I say that this episode was just ridiculously disappointing. The ending better be damn amazing because this episode was just not worth watching.

[HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.46_[2015.09.21_23.17.08]It’s simple. I can summarize this episode with just one sentence, but I just don’t understand why it even aired in the first place. An entire episode of watching a lolicon dress as a girl because his mommy is looking for the girl that he has a crush on. For the love of… Just get to the damn point already. We’ve been tying up loose ends for weeks now and it’s been great. Hell, it’s been fantastic. All that’s left is for that guy to get himself a girlfriend or something. At least give us something other than a ridiculous episode that contributes absolutely nothing to the story. I cannot believe I waited a whole week and all that I got was this…

Working!!! episode 12 screencaps

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