Jul 10, 2014

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Yami Shibai 2

You know, I never really liked these series to start with. Yes, they are a little creepy, but for all the wrong reasons. I forced myself to watch two episodes once. Never again. It was boring and pretty uninteresting.

Yami Shibai 2The artwork really fits; cheap as hell. I have been told that there are a few good stories amongst the episodes and all, but for me it’s not worth watching when the majority of content bores the living crap out of me.

Sorry, but I cannot recommend this. I am positive that there are Japanese culture fanatics that would love nothing more than to hear old ghost stories, but I am not one of those freaks.

Plot Summary: A series of short horror stories based around Japanese myths and urban legends. The series is framed around an old man telling these tales to schoolchildren on a playground using kamishibai, a traditional Japanese storytelling method using paper scrolls.

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