Dec 1, 2013

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Yet another December month

Yet another December month

Time really does fly… I almost can’t believe that I’m writing yet another December post. It almost feels as though I’ve been asleep for a few months. Oh well, its fine, I absolutely love December. That’s why the site is once again wearing its Christmas-style outfit.

I have the week off so I’m going to do a lot of fun things to make up for all the times that I was stuck at work and couldn’t do whatever it was that I wanted to do at the time. The first two days I’m going to waste behind the TV and new PlayStation 4.

I would look to thank everyone for their support and for reading this and any other post you may have read. It’s nice to know that there are people out there that think my crappy posts are worth reading! I also want to thank the thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest for all the support and, of course, for following this blog.

May you all have a pleasant and healthy December and even greater holidays!

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