Jan 14, 2015

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Yoru no Yatterman

This is like reviewing Rolling Girls; it is hard to find the right words for something that didn’t really interest me very much. Sure, I am going to give the second episode a try as well, unlike with Rolling Girls, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not extremely interesting.

Yoru no YattermanThe artwork is decent. The characters look unique alright and the level of detail is not all that bad. It may have a lot of room for improvement, but something tells me that this was specifically made this way to suit the storyline.

Speaking of which; what did I see here? It’s not a very unique story if I think about it. The only reason why I want to give the second episode a try as well is because I am kind of curious about the heroine being a “bad girl” aka thief instead of a “good girl” aka hero, although that image might change in the future.

This is really one of those shows that you need to check out for yourselves. It is very strange and perhaps a little childish, but I simply suggest you try out the first episode. Who knows? You may end up liking it.

Plot Summary: The Yatterman took control of the Dorombo Gang after a long fight, but the Yatterman Kingdom they created is not at peace. The kingdom is impoverished, and the people lament their tyrannical government. Standing against them is Leopard, a descendent of Yatterman’s defeated rivals. She inherits the name Doronjo and becomes her successor, entering the Yatterman Kingdom with the intent of taken on the despised Yatterman.

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