Jan 22, 2014

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Yowamushi Pedal episode 15

Do you know what happened as I was watching this episode? I kept wondering when I was going to see Miki-chan again. I haven’t seen that adorable characters in quite some time. They need to finish their training camp soon so that Miki gets some air-time again!

[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - 15 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.14_[2014.01.21_22.41.36]Anyway, I’m glad that I was wrong about that one thing. Maybe it’s too soon to say that I was wrong, but I’m glad that Sakamichi didn’t gain some kind of “power boost” by putting on racing shoes. I like the fact that he’s currently still last, although that probably won’t last with him getting used to riding like that and the fact that Terufumi is slowing down compared to the others. He is usually the last to start and the first to finish. Others are slowly gaining on him and it’s really only a matter of time before he’s last. I’m pretty sure that even Sakamichi will catch up to him during the next one or two episodes. After all, I’m still pretty confident about that racing shoe thing. They focussed on that for a reason.

[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - 15 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.06_[2014.01.21_22.42.12]Not to say that he’s not cool, but I’m glad Sakamichi found himself a goal. He seemed pretty demotivated until he met that strange guy on that white bicycle. It’s quite noticeable that Sakamichi suddenly tries harder when he has a goal or someone to catch up to. We all need goals in life so I can’t blame the guy.

These two second years, Hajime and Junta, are trying to prevent Sakamichi, Shunsuke and Shoukichi from catching up. I can understand that and accept that it’s all part of the race, but I can’t believe how unpopular those two characters are. I have no interest in them whatsoever. Then again, I’m only focussed on Shingo and Miki. I just hope that we’ll get to see some nice racing action next week.

Yowamushi Pedal episode 15 screencaps

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