Jan 6, 2015

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Yuri Kuma Arashi

Oh dear lord… I definitely haven’t been waiting for this one. I read the summary and then I decided to read up on it just a little more because I couldn’t fully understand the summary, after which I came to the conclusion that I probably would not like this.

Yuri Kuma ArashiGood to finally know that I was right. This was just dreadful. The artwork was kind of like Monogatari gone very, very wrong. The characters just didn’t fit into the surroundings and a lot of things were simply out of place. It was very rough on the eyes.

Then the story kicked in. In a lesbian world filled with girls that hide behind a huge wall in order to separate themselves from boys (or bears as they call them). Something like that, right? What a huge load of uninteresting crap.

This is what happened; a guy got really, really drunk (and high) and someone this idiotically gay idea popped into his head and voila; we have new material for an anime adaption. Holy mother of… Kill me. This was definitely created by a guy. I won’t be watching this and I don’t think you should either.

Plot Summary: Far off in space, the asteroid Kumaria blew up, sending bits and pieces to rain down on Earth. For reasons unknown, this causes all the bears (“kuma” in Japanese) to simultaneously rise up and begin attacking humans. Finally, a giant “Wall of Severance” was built to divide them from each other and end their ceaseless war and hatred. In the human world, at Wuthering Heights Academy, Kureha and Sumika are friends who’ve fallen in love. When they find a lily blooming in their favorite flower bed, their eyes meet…and all at once the Bear Alarm starts ringing, signalling that the human world is under attack.

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