Oct 12, 2015

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Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!

This is a typical example of how messed up the Japanese are. They make something with girls as the target audience, only to find out later that the majority of fans are male. Can you really be surprised by that?

Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!Look at the artwork; it’s about a group of girls and their roundabout school lives. They will play, mess around and do all sorts of ‘cute’ and girly stuff and it’s that sort of thing that attracts girls, but also a whole lot of guys.

As I’ve stated in many of my reviews; I don’t particularly like slice of life anime. It’d have to be pretty darn good for me to be excited about it. This simply isn’t one of them. I find that the story becomes dull sometimes.

I understand the first season. I can even understand the second season and some of the specials, but I did not expect a third after it turned out that the second season did not do as well as they had hoped.  If you know the Yuru Yuri series then go for it.

Plot Summary: The middle school days of Akari and co. resume normally as they enjoy their fun times together again.

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