Jun 4, 2012

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Yurumate3Dei season 2 green-lit

Yurumate3Dei season 2 green-lit

The July issue of Takeshobo’s Monthly Manga Club magazine confirmed on Monday that the Yurumate3Dei (Yurumates 3D) television anime series will get a second season. The second season will feature the appearance of Sae’s younger sister, as voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (K-ON!).

The series adapts saxyun’s Yurumates four-panel gag comedy manga.

The manga and anime adaptation centers on Yurume, an 18-year-old rōnin (a high school graduate who has yet to be accepted into college). Yurume moves to the outskirts of Tokyo to study for the next entrance exams. She ends up living in Maison du Wish, an apartment complex full of aimless “veteran rōnin” who have been out of school for years.

Two original video animation (OVA) titles featuring Flash animation were previously created from the property: Yurumates Ha? and Yurumates.

Crunchyroll is currently streaming the first season worldwide outside of Japan as it airs. The JManga website is currently publishing the manga in English.

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