Jul 16, 2012

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Yurumates 3D Plus

Oh god, here we go again. I’ll be very direct with this one; I don’t like it. I didn’t like the first season and neither will I like the second one. It’s just not my kind of show. I still can’t believe that it’s listed under “slice of life”. Yurumates is definitely more for women than for guys.

The artwork is what troubles me most. I just don’t like it. Almost everyone knows about the significant role eyes play in anime, but this is just too much. The characters’ eyes are almost as big as their heads. It looks way too strange. Also, I feel like they’re trying to squeeze out a few cheap laughs with this type of artwork. It may work on your average derp, but certainly not on me.

As for the story goes, well… God only knows what it’s about? I honestly haven’t been following the story one bit. I know it’s about a group of high school graduates, but that’s it. I haven’t watched nearly enough to get a good grasp of the story, as I dropped the first episode somewhere near the nine minute mark. Sorry.

I can’t recommend this. I just can’t, sorry. It’s a silly, dull and strange anime. I can’t imagine anyone watching this with a smile on his/her face. The fact that this is the second season is beyond me. This must be doing pretty well in Japan, I guess.

Plot Summary: Yurume, an 18-year-old “ronin” and recent high school graduate, has high hopes of being accepted and attending Tokyo University. She moves into an apartment complex, the Maison du Wish, located on the outskirts of Tokyo where other ronins living there are studying for upcoming college acceptance exams.

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