Apr 16, 2013

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Wow, this is the type of show that immediately reminds you where anime comes from. I must say that I expected a little bit more than this. This turned out to be very boring and quite uninteresting. What a terrible shame…

YuyushikiThe artwork could really have been better. All of the characters have those stereotypical huge eyes, which is something that doesn’t always work out. In this case it just doesn’t work out. It look ridiculous because they keep focussing on it.

The story isn’t that much of an improvement, because it’s really boring… It’s just another story about high school girls and their daily lives. There’s nothing special about it, and that is why I got bored halfway through.

I’m afraid I can’t recommend this one. Go ahead and watch it if you don’t mind a cheap laugh every now and then, but this isn’t for you if you enjoy good stories.

Plot Summary: The story follows the school life of three girls, Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui in the Data Processing Club.

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