Jan 15, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 02

Ahh~ at last! Zero no Tsukaima has begun, taking us to a world of action, comedy and magic. I do have some minor objections to the current story. I think that Saito and Louise still seem too weak. Saito couldn’t properly fight against his opponent and Louise didn’t fight at all.

The episode continued with Louise and Tifania as these holy maidens, trying to pray the day away. Now I don’t know what that is all about yet, but Louise agreed way too quickly. There was no reason to agree with his wishes just because he’s the pope, because they could’ve very well declined. But not Louise, oh no, she could never have declined. After all; a person’s position in this world is very important to her.

But all is not well. Tifania is still confused about her attempt to summon a familiar of her very own. We all know that Saito came plummeting down towards her, but Tifania is still under the impression that she’s meant to be with Saito. She wants to find out for sure by kissing Saito. This may seem strange, but that kiss would completely the contract once a familiar has been summoned. If Saito reacted in any way to that kiss then that would mean that he is indeed Tifania’s familiar as well.

Meanwhile Louise is answering the request of some Plebian who requested that she blessed her relative. Louise was lured to a quiet place where she discovered that it was all a trap. She didn’t really do much, she just called for Saito, hoping that he would once again show up to save the day. That was not the case, as she was being captured by King Joseph and his followers.

Saito wasn’t present while Louise was being kidnapped. He was still fighting that blonde boy who turned out to be a worthy foe. I don’t understand why Saito didn’t use any of his special abilities as the Gandalfr. He could’ve used his powers in order to defeat that boy with the use of Derflinger, his magical sword.

That’s what I don’t understand. Both of them used to be so strong in the previous season. Why do both of them seem so weak at the begging of every new season? I know that they want to build up the suspense in order to create one hell of an ending, but this is kind of annoying to watch. I agree that many of the twists, like the situation with Tifania, are absolutely genius, but things like these just seem so pointless.

Anyway, we’ll just have to wait till next week in order to see what happens. I actually thought about reading the manga, but I’m glad I haven’t yet. It’s such a shame to start reading a show’s manga when it’s not even over yet. It just spoils the show if you ask me.

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