Jan 29, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 04

Amazing! Oh, I didn’t mean the episode. I meant that this turned out to be one of those rare episodes where Louise didn’t shout out Saito’s name in order to be saved by him. How could she? This episode contained no action whatsoever, and it would be difficult to get in a life threatening situation during these peaceful times, even for her.

Like I said; this episode contained no action whatsoever. That’s fine, especially since the episode turned out to be pretty good. I enjoyed watching this episode, I really did, because they finally decided to give Saito what was coming to him. Do not forget; Saito is not from their world, he was merely summoned by Louise. Still, he fought amongst them against all kinds of enemies, even though that wasn’t his responsibility.

It was yet another one of those episodes where comedy ruled due to Louise’s jealousy. However, I do think that those explosions are getting a bit old, why not add something different? I always asked myself this question, but I never really found an answer to it. But hey, we can’t always get what we want, right?

Things were progressing smoothly as the peace was restored, the people recuperated and the damage being repaired. Even Tabitha, or also known as Charlotte, caught a break. You see, she was given a potion that was guaranteed to save her mother from her mental prison. She finally has her mother back, after having suffered alone all this time. But things didn’t end there, oh no. Tabitha was announced to be the new queen of Gallia.

Meanwhile Saito, after having spent a whole day looking for a house, finally gets his well-deserved reward. Henrietta gave Saito a piece of territory in Tristain, which means that he is now a feudal lord, as he owns some territory. The comedy bar got raised a little higher when Siesta, being his personal maid and all, ended up tagging along. You’d think that it would end there, but Tabitha, who said to have postponed her coronation, ended up staying the night as well. Naturally this ended up in Louise blowing up the place. Sigh…

Zero no Tsukaima F will only get more interesting from here on out, I just know it. There are eight episodes left, which means that the real battle has yet to come. Also, these unexpected twists will keep us more than just entertained until that battle takes place. I still have my doubts about that pope; I believe that he plays a very big role in the upcoming battle. Yes, a very big role indeed, but not a positive one, but that’s just my imagination getting the best of me.

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