Feb 12, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 06

Here we go again with yet another episode filled with comedy, action and countless attempts to finally have sex. Saito is truly unlucky, despite the amount of women that are after him. Every time he comes close to “getting it on”, people show up or he does something to mess it all up. I wouldn’t be surprised of people started mistaking his balls for blueberries soon.

The episode itself starts out pretty normally. They found a hot spring on Saito’s land, after which Saito decided to host a hot spring party. He gave instructions to his “subjects” on how to go from here. He may not be the smartest guy, but he apparently knows his hot springs. Night falls and Saito gets in bed with who he thought was Louise, in order to finally have sex. Poor horny bastard, boy did he squeal when he found out it was Tabitha lying there. Hell, she even told him to continue, when Louise shows up to ruin the party. See what I mean? Saito may be blessed with a lot of female attention, but what good is that if he cannot close the deal with any of them?

All is fine so far, but things started to get more complicated after princess Henrietta showed up the very next day. She didn’t exactly show up in the traditional way either. She came wearing suspicious looking clothing that kept her face hidden. Louise and Siesta saw this and decided to follow her around. It took them some time to take action, but they finally caught her and found out that it was her. Somehow they went from arguing in the hallway to arguing in the hot spring. This is fine by me, women are always more persuasive when naked. But how it came to fighting over Saito is beyond me. Seriously, they fought over him like two teenagers over the school’s most popular boy.

Sick. And still he’s unable to do the deed. Girls lie next to him, on top of him, fight over him, and yet he fails each and every time. Still, his relationship with Louise seems to be improving. She’s still as jealous as ever, but she’s fighting for her man, now more than ever. That’s a good sign, she has finally matured. However, I still stand by what I believe; Saito would make a better couple with Siesta.

It was a pretty amusing episode, no complaints there, but I miss the action. I miss Saito’s hand lighting up like a Christmas tree, I miss Delflinger’s witty remarks, and hell… I even miss Louise’s constant need to be rescued by Saito. It may sound a little strange, but I really hope their next enemy shows up soon. I doubt that people would find it an acceptable ending for Zero no Tsukaima F if the episodes are only about Saito trying to get laid.

  1. Oppai-Sensei says:

    what are you talking about??? tiffa is way better than siesta man. plus shes a void user too while siesta is a maid!! the only things siesta have incomon with him are some cultural things from his other world.

  2. namiiechi says:

    YOU ARE BOTH WRONG. Louise is much, much better than the other girls. she has one of the strongest magic, and it is obvious that they are destined to be together. Louise tops all.

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