Feb 27, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 08

Ahhh~ about time! I have been waiting for this episode all week. It surprised me that Louise was actually helpful for once, I guess miracles exist in the world of Zero no Tsukaima F as well. It’s not just that, they had another expected twist in store for us, so this week’s episode was particularly fun to watch.

The story continues as Tifania and Saito are still being held captive by the elves. Saito was busy all day, trying to inspect that old plane at the bottom of that lake. It seemed kind of difficult, seeing as he had to come up for air every few minutes. But life didn’t continue to be that easy for them, as the elves decided to ‘judge’ them for their crimes, even though they hadn’t done anything. It was their opinion that both of them possessed, and I quote; “the devil’s magic”. Their leader demanded their death, but decided to lock them up when a few of the elves were against it. He decided to plan something more sinister in order to kill them.

Things took a whole different turn when Tifania and Saito kissed, thereby completing the summoning contract that Tifania had started a few episodes back. Saito reacted and receive a marking on his chest. He is now the familiar of both Louise and Tifania. Being Louise’s familiar he has the power to use all sorts of weaponry at top level, so it’s only natural to assume that obtained some new powers.

However, that will have to come later, as they have to run for their lives. Vitartial wanted to escape with Saito and Tifania, because he too believed that it was wrong to kill them. The elves suspected as much, which is why they ambushed them over and over again. The elves claim to be a peace-loving race, but they’ve certainly showed us something else entirely during this week’s episode.

Still, things soon changed when they were locked in. That’s when Louise blacked out and started chanting some weird stuff, thereby opening a dimensional gate that linked her and Saito, allowing Saito and the rest to pass through. Being a Void mage has it’s pros I guess. Things didn’t stay peaceful for long though, as the rest soon found out what happened between him and Tifania. I’m really curious to know what this means and if this benefits Saito is any way.

Great episode, I really enjoyed watching it. It’s also one of those rare episodes where Louise saves Saito. I’m sure that Professor Jean can shed more light on this matter, I’m sure that there’s some information about multiple mages having the same familiar.

Zero no Tsukaima F episode 08 screencaps

  1. I agree that this episode was one of the better ones

    I just wished that Saito-kun would get stronger but i’m sure hes bound to get stronger with that new mark.

    What powers do you think he will have?

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