Mar 4, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 09

Ahhh~!  Saw Zero no Tsukaima F appear on my list, hauled it in, watched it, and loved it. This episode explained so many of my questions, finally! It’s also another one of those episodes where Louise didn’t cry for help, not that there were any battles, but still…

This week’s episode was mostly about the fact that Tabitha decided that she wanted to be queen after all. About time she made up her mind, as she’s been confused about this issue ever since her mother was cured by that elfish potion. She didn’t know what to do, which is why she ended up at Saito’s new place, merely because she has a thing for him. Things happened in the meantime, things that made her reach a decision. She still looked like she wasn’t sure about her decision, but she decided to go through with it after all. My god, Saito now knows two queens, both of which have a thing for him. What in god’s name do I have to do to get a queen like that? And I mean an actual queen, not some gay guy named Justin.

I would be happy as hell if I were Saito. Still, I would be happier if it weren’t for Louise and Siesta. Those two were constantly meddling. He had to remove a bug from Tifania’s person, they jealously interfered. Tifania was having trouble with her dress, so Louise interfered. Leave the poor guy alone already. He can only say “I love you, you and nobody else” so many times, but none of those times were sufficient to make Louise understand that he’s not actually interested in other girls. Although that’s probably not entirely true. Even I couldn’t possibly turn my eyes away if boobs like those were wiggling unexposed in front of me. Still… Louise needs to trust him, otherwise her relationship will never make any progress, not that I’m particularly rooting for those two though…

Yes… It was quite the busy episode, but despite all that, it still wasn’t the highlight of this week’s episode. The highlight was definitely the pieces of information that came out of the Pope’s mouth. It seems that Saito really is the familiar of two different Void mages. He is known as the Gandalfr because he’s Louise’s familiar, but now he’s also the Liveslatille. That’s right, he’s both the Gandalfr and the Liveslatille. The power of Gandalfr is the ability to wield all sorts of weapons at top-level. However, the Liveslatille’s power is the ability to boost the power of all Void mages. But this new ability comes with a great risk. The more he uses that power, the quicker his magic will be depleted, after which he’s most likely to die. Louise heard all of this, so I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Zero no Tsukaima F episode 09 screencaps

  1. You know, for kids! says:

    I’m wondering if by “Liveslatille” they actually mean Lífþrasir.

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