Apr 10, 2012

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Zetman episode 02

And so it begins… I already knew, before even finishing the first episode that I was going to write about this anime. It is so dark and dramatic, I love it. There is only one thing that I’m a little disappointed about; they grew up too fast. In the first episode they were mere boys, but now they are young men. We didn’t even get to see how they grew up.

Anyway, the second episode was pretty impressive. It revolved around this ZET that constantly torched buildings. Jin headed up to find him after he smelled something, whilst Kouga and Konoha were gearing up as well. It was pretty cool to see how those three met again after so many years. However, watching Jin transform and fight was even cooler. I think his personality is pretty good, as it matches the character so well.

He managed to defeat his enemy, but he couldn’t remain his consciousness for long. It seems that he still doesn’t have full control over his powers. I also saw this clash between him and Kouga. I don’t think those two will work well together like that. One of them uses the ability that was given to him at birth, and the other uses all sorts of modern technology that was given to him by others.

I think the story will only get darker and far more dramatic from now on. I actually held my breath when his “auntie”, the last person his life that’s even remotely close to being family, got assassinated. I really feel for that guy, I mean… Everyone around him keeps dying. The only difference now is, is that his “auntie” got turned into one of those things, and that Jin has been moved to an unknown location for god only knows what reason.

The only thing wrong with this episode was that it ended after just twenty minutes (excluding the OP and ED). I have a great deal of faith in this anime, especially after having seen this week’s episode.  I just think it’s too bad that Akemi-chan, Jin’s “auntie”, had to die like that, after all that she’s been through… I really do hope that Jin kills them all!

Zetman episode 02 screencaps

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