Apr 18, 2012

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Zetman episode 03

Good god, I can’t believe how much this episode aggravated me. I sat here and watched, thinking that Jin would beat the living hell out of those guys. God damn it, why does his power have that many limitations. “You are only capable of using those powers in the presence of a “player”” my ass!

I’m sure that we all remember how Jin-kun’s aunt was assassinated during last week’s episode, right? I’m a little bit confused about it, but it’s my guess that she wasn’t actually killed. I think that those researchers merely sedated her, took some of her DNA and used that to create a clone.  Now, you may be wondering why someone would do that, but it couldn’t be any simpler. They wanted to mess with Jin’s head. They wanted him to get furious. Basically; they wanted to awaken his true powers. It seems that his current form is still imperfect. His perfect form is, apparently, supposed to be red instead of white.

It really was a complicated episode. Yeah, complicated, but interesting as hell. I’m not going to lie; I was a little bit disappointed by how easily Jin joined them. I would’ve been a lot more suspicious, especially since they chained me to some chair and unleashed an “Alpha” on me, merely because they wanted to test my current abilities. You mad, bro? I think that those rules of theirs aggravated me more than anything else though. What’s up with that? Why should Jin, or any ZET for that matter, have to follow such ridiculous rules. Alphas are dangerous, definitely, but so are the humans that created them. It seems a little bit too easy if you ask me.

Also, I understand that Jin wants to keep his family and friends safe, but I doubt that abandoning them like that will help. I suppose that Jin will have a lot of enemies during the next few episodes, but what if one of them, seeing as a lot of them are quite intelligent, abducts his auntie? I’m not saying that something like that will happen, but it’s a pretty good possibility.

Man, this episode really messed with my head. It got me thinking about so many (useless) things that I can’t seem to focus on what’s really important here. I just hope that Jin won’t follow that organization for too long. There must be a very, very good reason as to why his “grandfather” got him out of there as a child to raise him as a normal human being. I can hardly wait to see next week’s episode!

Zetman episode 03 screencaps

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