May 2, 2012

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Zetman episode 05

Thank goodness, I made it. It was really hard not to read the Zetman manga. I almost gave in. I was viewing how many chapters were released already, when I stumbled upon a little mystery. I saw that there are one hundred and seventy-seven chapters released. However, the last one was realised a few months ago, in January. What is taking them? Is the manga on a break? Are there no people motivated enough to translate this? I wonder…

Anyway, the story continues as Jin goes on with his even more complicated life. Things got so complicated because he got himself a new friend; a homeless girl. They seem to be pretty compatible, although Jin is clearly not used to interacting with others. Things will only get a lot more interesting from now on as their relationship will continue to grow. I definitely saw some sparks!

Kouga isn’t sitting still either. His team of scientists have been working very hard on a new project; a suit that will allow him to do the most amazing things. You can clearly see that he’s still a child, as he asked them to put a cape on that suit. He is focussing too much on looking like a “hero”, instead of actually becoming one. That is the reason why this guy will never be my favourite character.

The story is going to get a lot more complicated from here on out, especially since the “players”, or “Evol” if you will, have started to make their move. Sure, their boss claims to want nothing but peace, but we know better. It’s too bad that bad things happen to good people. Jin tried so hard to keep his loved ones at a distance, but it all went down the drain when some of those Evol’s abducted Konoha and her friend to use them as leverage when fighting Jin.

I think things are about to get really interesting. In the meantime, I shall be going after why the manga isn’t being updated anymore. I am really curious. Oh, by the way, I heard that the anime is really soft compared to the manga. The manga seems to contain sex scenes and whatnot.

Zetman episode 05 screencaps

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