May 9, 2012

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Zetman episode 06

Wow, what an episode. I had no idea that things would progress so fast, based on what I’ve heard about the manga. And yes, I’m keeping in mind that this anime only has thirteen episodes. It still proved to be quite the amazing episode though, kudos.

The battle rages on in Zetman as Jin is right in the middle of it all. He has to save his friends, his soon-to-be girlfriend, and insure that he doesn’t lose focus of what’s important here. My god, I can’t imagine what would be on his mind at such a time. Transforming into ZET wasn’t exactly an option, seeing as he chose not to bring his gum with him, so his powers were very limited. His powers only increased when he was hurt, in danger or otherwise motived to save someone. You know the routine; the stronger his emotions get, the stronger he gets. That is one of the very few things in superpower anime that remained unchanged during the years.

Anyway, things looked bad, even with Kouga and his new toy on the scene. Jin was in need of power in order to save his precious friends, and that’s where Seiji came in. He pierced Jin’s chest with a stake that contained parts of that mysterious ring he saw, which allowed Jin to transform into ZET. Not only did he transform, he actually transformed into the completed ZET, the red ZET. I’m not sure if this is for a limited amount of time only or of he’s actually complete now, but I’m really happy either way. I think that goes for most of the Zetman fans.

This was truly a great episode. We found out how many great friends Jin has, showing us that he’s not alone, that he has women in his life that like him, and that he has the determination and courage to accept his role as ZET to protect humanity from the evil that we have come to know as Evol. It’s because of amazing shows like these that make me forget all about bitter disappointments like that NarutoSD spinoff or AKB0048.

Zetman episode 06 screencaps

  1. milly2005 says:

    yeah zetman is really cool but i dont think its that great? i have seen much better

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