May 23, 2012

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Zetman episode 08

Now this was quite the dramatic episode, just the way I like it. Still, a few more complications arose though. Jin will have to draw the line at some point, but when? It has gotten to a point where the EVOL know about his loved ones, so what’s the point in keeping them at a distance? It’s all very strange.

Everyone was finally recuperating after last week’s EVOL attack. Kouga managed to save his sister and Jin managed to save his new girlfriend. Who would’ve known? He didn’t actually do a thing, and yet he has a girlfriend now. At first people were making fun of them, calling them a couple and whatnot, but neither of them denied it. Poor Jin, that’s yet another troublesome girl that he has to deal with now.

Meanwhile Kouga insisted that his grandfather told him everything about EVOL, Jin and where they both came from. I thought that Kouga would become a little bit distant after he heard the truth, but his attitude towards Jin hasn’t changed at all, even though his eyes are finally open now. I guess he might just be a valuable ally after all, but he has to ditch those ridiculous ‘hero-wannabe’ lines.

I’ve seen this episode and one specific thing came to mind; Kouga’s father has to die. That man is a walking time bomb that can go off at any moment. He doesn’t care about the people. He just cares about protecting himself and his company, and he’s willing to kill a lot of people to achieve that, despite the fact that Jin and his son are fighting against the monsters that he and his company created. I would’ve killed him a long time ago if I were Jin. I mean, what’s the point of his survival at this point? Also, why doesn’t Kouga’s grandfather, the one guy that has been spending a future so that Jin can finish those EVOL, do anything about his son?

I thought that I had seen it all, but that’s when we got to see Kanzaki, Jin’s late grandfather. I was a little bit disgusted by what they did to him; preserving his head just to keep his brain alive as some sort of human databank. That’s just sick. Jin put him out of his misery, which was a humane thing to do, but I’m disappointed in the fact that he didn’t actually say anything about it. They violated Kanzaki’s human rights and turned him into a human machine…. I definitely would’ve kicked some ass. Oh well, the next episode will be even more interesting if I am to believe this week’s ending.

Zetman episode 08 screencaps

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